Testimonials 2023 

‘The food is good. And it’s even better that I don’t have to cook it myself! I like spending time with the others in the lounge. There is always something going on but we can have quieter time if we want it.’ A Resident

‘I am glad I made the decision to move here when I did. Things were getting too much at home and I must admit I was lonely. It is nice to not have to worry about how I am going to cope anymore.’ – A Resident

‘The girls are lovely. They really look after me and nothing is too much trouble.’ A Resident

‘You’ve all been incredible throughout this pandemic and it’s sooooo good to see PH returning to its amazing ways – especially without the restrictions holding you back from doing what you all do so well, you must be thrilled. Thank you will never be enough.’ – Family Member

‘Hey Heroes.

This testimonial goes to the staff who make mum happy, who supports her when she is unbalanced, who is patient with her whilst she processes instructions, who lowers her bed and tucks her in at night, who checks in on her whilst she sleeps, who wakes her up with a smile, who helps her wash to stay comfortable and clean, who makes her feel pretty through beauty treatments, who helps her get dressed, who prepares her food and beverages, who feeds her when she is confused, who cleans her clothes and changes her sheets, who cleans her room and the rest of the home, who goes out of their way to send me updates and pictures of mum getting involved with activities, who repairs and improves the quality of her surroundings, who keeps her safe, who keeps all of the staff safe so they can be the incredible people they are, who offers their support and best wishes to me and who loves my mum (obviously everyone) for the beautiful character she is. Thank you for all that you do, you are all what makes Pilton House the special place it is today. Much love.’  – Family Member

‘Pilton House is mum’s home and each of the carers have become mum’s friend, in turn they have also become our friends. Every time we knock on the door to visit mum we are greeted with genuine warmth, friendship and kindness. We have witnessed the care and love that the whole team at Pilton House has given to mum but it does not stop there, time, support, care has been extended to us the family. There have been times of tears but also times of laughter, but never times when we felt alone’. – Family Member

‘To Roxy, Michael and all staff at Pilton House. It has been a pleasure working with you all, I’ve learned a lot working with you. I wanted to express my sincere appreciation for your support and kindness over my two years and my pregnancy. Grateful that we all crossed paths. Keep well, stay happy and positive. Lots of love and thank you.’ – Former Staff Member

‘Thank you for giving me the opportunity to work in the position for nearly two years. I have thoroughly enjoyed working here, and I appreciate all of the time and patience you have given me….I will miss you all very much.’ – Former Staff Member

‘I’ve been to a lot of care homes, some shocking, some outstanding. You should be really proud, this is right up there with the outstanding ones.’ – Visiting Professional

‘You can clearly see that the home focuses on its residents and not the finance, that is rare. You are so progressive and always ahead of the curve’ – Visiting Professional