Residential Care

A highly trained and experienced team provide support that aims to promote emotional and physical well-being, independence and quality of life within a compassionate, friendly and caring home.

At Pilton House; choice, wishes and pleasures in life are at the heart of what we do. Those who live with us are encouraged and supported to make their own decisions in daily life. Every person is treated as an individual and as such chooses when to get up and go to bed, when, where and what to eat and whether they wish to join in with individual or group activities.

There are no restrictions on visiting and we welcome family and friends at any time, day or night. We encourage those closest to the people who live with us to maintain full and active relationships with their loved ones. We are aware that this will mean different things to different people. You may wish to enjoy meals together, go on outings with or without carer support, hold family parties in the home or have a quiet, relaxing and private space for visits.

Home to Home

If you decide to move to Pilton House we will support you every step of the way. Two people from our ‘Home to Home’ team will come and meet with you. During this time you will be able to tell us all about yourself. While we will need to ask you questions about practical issues such as the assistance you require and any medical conditions that you may have, the focus is on you as an individual. We want to know what you like and dislike, what is important to you, what you are proud of and what is still on your list to achieve. As a member of our Pilton House family, we want to help you live your life as you wish.

During the week before your move you will have opportunities to meet with our catering team, the maintenance team and one of our activities co-ordinators to plan and prepare for your arrival.

We will build your Home to Home passport. This is a book with all of your important information and it helps us to ensure that from the moment you come through the front door, our team are able to get to know you and support you.