• Roxanne Farkas – Registered Manager
  • Michael Ash – Deputy Manager


Our team of trained and experienced staff are committed to ensuring that all who come to Pilton House are supported with respect and dignity. Your choices, wants and wishes are at the heart of the care provided. All staff receive specialist dementia care training and are champions for those who require their support.

Our values are promoted through staff induction, training and continuously through supervisions, reviews and appraisals. We expect staff to take care of each other as well as our residents and it is important that we build positive relationships within our team and take pride in your home and our place of work.


  • Culture is everything
  • Build strong connections and relationships
  • Inspire each other and strive for excellence
  • Embrace fun, creativity and a little weirdness
  • Trust, respect and be honest
  • Face challenges with positivity and optimism
  • Be passionate, determined and courageous
  • Over – communicate
  • Learn, use and share knowledge, information and best practice
  • Encourage and support personal development and growth
  • Participate in, drive and commit to continuous development